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To realize a grand vision.


need the most brilliant minds.

“One bad hire can lead to a domino effect and such decisions cost a

company in the millions”-Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. His own bad hires  have cost Zappos "well over $100 million”. Significant direct/ indirect  factors involve quantifying the cost of a bad hire.


78% of resumes are misleading and upto 46% contains actual lies.

-Criteria Pre-Employment Testing research

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The Human Resource team needs an external support to catalyze  its function, as an organization’s backbone, exponentially.

Key Issues 

  • Tons of resumes with matched keywords;  Spending countless hours is sheer waste  of time and money.

  • Dependency  on  astonishing  array of smart-sounding tools and data.

  • Limited  knowledge  of  recruitment                         managers  on technical / functional domain.

  • End up with poor result II wrong hiring        abundance of scavenging for right fit.

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How we work?

Understand & Identify

Brief  & Assess


Spot the gold

We at Mind Matrix  scover the industry  using our elaborate  network of experts and  advanced human  resource tools for bright Professionals that fit our clients descriptions


Leadership assessment  is at the core of Mind  Matrix. We scrutinize,  cross-check and study  every candidate  thoroughly to understand if their skills, qualities and profile  fit the bill of our Client. 

Share results

We present our findings  to you with coherence.  We  currently have a  success ratio of over  90% for screenings and  over 60% with final recruitment.

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