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Devops Architect


About the Role

• Total IT Experience : 10+ years
• Awareness of +Zero Trust Principles, Application Security Testing (Static, Interactive & Dynamic), Container inspection, Runtime Application Self-Protection, OWASP, CIS Standards
• Experience in Building and Setting up right toolchain for Application Integration, Packaging and Performance Testing, Configuration Management, Release to Production and End to End Monitoring.
• Experience with public/private cloud platforms, cloud architectures, orchestration, storage management, Networking, Gateways, Load balancers, and monitor managed cloud services for computing
• Experience in Configuring and automating Monitoring tools, Notifications and Alerts
• Awareness of Code Branching, Code Merging, Deployment Strategies
• Experience in leading DevSecOps transformation programmes.
• Ownership and development of Intellectual Property and Assets
• Experience of coaching and training teams in optimising software engineering and end to end delivery.
• Have a customer-centric attitude and ability to collaborate with Sales Leaders
• Cloud Platforms : Azure, AWS
• IDE : Java, C# (Any One)
• Code Repository: Github, BitBucket (Any One)
• Build : Azure DevOps, AWS Build, Jenkin
• Package : Docker
• Release/Deploy : Kubernetes, Helm (container orchestration)
• Monitor : Azure App Insights, Nagios, ELK, Splunk, Grafana (Any Two)
• Scripting : Shell, Python, Groovy Ruby, Bash, Go (Any Two)
• Infra : Ansible, Terraform
• Setting Up Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Education qualifications
Degree-level education.

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