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Devops Architect

PAN India

About the Role

• Engaging with technical and business stakeholders to demonstrate the business benefit and value of services
• Researching industry trends, providing strategic direction and advice in tools, technologies, partnerships and accreditations for to maintain a competitive advantage.
• Defining technology roadmaps and managing a team of engineers during the implementation.
• Defining and implementing full end to end release management and automation solutions using open source and industry leading tools for continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery (which is Maintainable, Scalable and elastic)
• Recommending appropriate hosting and infrastructure solutions based on technology stack and other influencing factors
• Delivering coaching and training in Automation, Tooling and DevSecOps engineering processes.

The Person should have :

Total IT Experience : 10+ years
• Awareness of +Zero Trust Principles, Application Security Testing (Static, Interactive & Dynamic), Container inspection, Runtime Application Self-Protection, OWASP, CIS Standards
• Experience in Building and Setting up right toolchain for Application Integration, Packaging and Performance Testing, Configuration Management, Release to Production and End to End Monitoring.
• Experience with public/private cloud platforms, cloud architectures, orchestration, storage management, Networking, Gateways, Load balancers, and monitor managed cloud services for computing
• Experience in Configuring and automating Monitoring tools, Notifications and Alerts
• Awareness of Code Branching, Code Merging, Deployment Strategies
• Experience in leading DevSecOps transformation programmes.
• Ownership and development of Intellectual Property and Assets
• Experience of coaching and training teams in optimising software engineering and end to end delivery.
• Have a customer-centric attitude and ability to collaborate with Sales Leaders
• Cloud Platforms : Azure, AWS
• IDE : Java, C# (Any One)
• Code Repository: Github, BitBucket (Any One)
• Build : Azure DevOps, AWS Build, Jenkin
• Package : Docker
• Release/Deploy : Kubernetes, Helm (container orchestration)
• Monitor : Azure App Insights, Nagios, ELK, Splunk, Grafana (Any Two)
• Scripting : Shell, Python, Groovy Ruby, Bash, Go (Any Two)
• Infra : Ansible, Terraform
• Setting Up Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Education qualifications : Degree-level education.

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